Online Hack-n-Slash ARPG

Anzen is a hack-n-slash ARPG with MOBA influences set in a fantasy sci-fi world with fluid combat, rich lore and a competitive focus. Combat and its pacing are more in line with tactical gameplay. It’s not about just mashing buttons to win but timing and calculating your skills to be the most effective.

Game Vision


Create an experience were players always feel like they are progressing each time they jump in to play the game.


End game systems provide high replayability for players that allows them to keep improving their character and status.


Provide fun, interesting mechanics that help create build diversity which makes the player feel like each system improves their character.


Develop interesting and memorable characters utilizing in-game dialogue, hidden lore interactables and in-game cutscenes


Have deep lore that makes the world feel real, immersive and make people and places meaningful.


Ranking and leaderboards should foster positive and healthy competition between players to compete for who is the best in each game mode.


Always find ways to reward players for their accomplishments in the game. This can be through cosmetics or items.


Systems are created to help players find groups, create clans and party up to enjoy the game together.